Our company is specialised in Surface Coating Technologies. We are starting with Electrolytic Zinc Plating and Painting

Industrial Automation, Medical, Automotive, Industrial Equipment, and Others.

Plant Details

  • Fully CNC Automated Electrolytic Zinc Plating
  • Capacity Output 600 kg/hr. or 12 tons/day
  • Both Barrel and Rack type plating
  • Passivation : Blue, Yellow and Black
  • Tank size : 1500mm (L) x 625mm(W) x 1200mm (H)
  • Operational Date : Q4 2015

Why Osakai?

  • A company with MNC background.
  • Complete Quality Assurance Facilities.
  • Environment friendly company.
  • Experienced leaders with young, aspiring and dynamic team of people.
  • Quick turn around on developments and customer specific needs.
  • Capacity 100% free. Opening Soon, everything can be YOURS.
  • Quality Its our PROMISE.
  • Delivery ON TIME every time. We come from a background of JIT and Kanban.
  • Price Decided by YOU, the market.

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